iBoat BM1 Series Unmanned Surface Vehicle

Key Features Detail Advantage Functions

1.Stable trimaran design with ducted propellers
2.Available for multiple sonar instrumentations
3.Video transmission and obtacle avoidance
4.Digital and simulative echo signals combined

1 Hull module

1)Trimaran design shape with portable size

2)Kevlar&carbon high-strength composite

3)Propellers with ducted design and protective shield

4)Remote video and obtacle avoidance


2 Sounding module

1)Professional HD-MAX sounding module range from 0.15~300m

2)Digital and simulative echo signals combined

3)Independent HiMAX software available for collecting,guiding and post-processing


3 Application

1)Underwater topographic survey

2)Underwater landscape survey

3)Hydrographic survey

4)Water quality monitoring