V30S Static GPS

V30S Static GPS

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1. Large-capacity storage technology

2. Project-oriented file management

3. Convenient operation 

4. Intelligent voice technology 

5. Baseline processing, network adjustment, height fitting and detailed report.

6. Baseline mix solution, cooperation with models of other brands.

Echnical specification of integrated intelligent static GPS
      ♦Signal tracking GPS: L1 C/A,L2E, L2C, L5
      ♦GLONASS: L1 C/A, L1 P, L2 C/A (restricted to GLONASS M) and L2 P
      ♦GALILEO: (upgrade)
      ♦Module technology PCC Maxwell 6 advanced custom measurement GNSS technology
      ♦Extremely low-noise GNSS carrier phase measurements Accuracy in the range of 0.001m at 1 Hz bandwidth Mature low-elevation tracking techniques
      ♦Initializing time<10 s
      ♦Initializing reliability>99.9%
      ♦Positioning output1 Hz,2 Hz,5 Hz,10 Hz,20Hz and 50 Hz positioning
      ♦Output (10Hz default)
      ♦Output format ASCII: NMEA-0183 and binary: Trimble GSOF
      ♦Positioning accuracy Receiver accuracy
      ♦Static, rapid static accuracy: Horizontal: ±(2.5+1×10-6D)mm  
                                                 Vertical: ±(5+1×10-6D)mm
      ♦Interface :Two RS-232 serial ports 
                         Two external DC power input port(reusable) 
                         One Bluetooth wireless communications port 
                         One USB port supporting data download
     ♦Panel Key-Press and Indicator Lamps:
                            3 panel key-presses: 1 power key-press, 2 function key-presses,
                            3 indicator lamps: One monochromatic lamp for satellites,
                                                      One dual-color lamp for communications 
                                                      One dual-color lamp for power
     ♦ Physical Specifications Memory: 64M 
     ♦Main unit power: 2.5W   
     ♦ Power input: 6-36 V DC
     ♦ Battery system: Internal dual compartment Lithium battery system, each battery capability 4400mAh working up to 15 hours for static working mode
     ♦ Size: φ19.5cm×10.4cm
     ♦Weight: 1300g (with 2 batteries inserted)
     ♦Environmental characteristics: Two meters water-proof, anti- 3m natural drop, completely dust-proof, IP67 grade
      ♦Operating temperature: -45℃~65℃, Storage temperature: -55℃~85℃